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YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ March 27, 2015/ Science & Spirituality/

    Introduction: The birth of Lord Rama, the seventh Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, in the Tretayuga is celebrated on this day – the ninth day in the bright fortnight of the Hindu lunar month of Chaitra. Whenever righteousness is in danger God reincarnates to protect and reinstate the righteousness in the society. He destroys the evil doers and protects

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Samadhi – A Scientific Phenomenon?

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ February 23, 2015/ Science & Spirituality/

  Since ages human creed has always tried to explore the cause of the life and how to make it happy. The ancient philosophy of Yoga, developed by various sages and yogis, has successfully established some key aspects related to the whole shebang. Quite a lot theories put forth and experimental results obtained by the modern scientific community are in

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Shankha – Scientific & Spiritual Significance of a Conch

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ February 6, 2015/ Science & Spirituality/

First of all let us se the importance of shankh. According to our ancient scriptuires that is Puranas, the shankh was originated during the Churning of ocean by the Deities and Lord Vishnu held it in the form of weapon. As per a holy verse which is regularly chanted during the puja ritual it is mentioned that by the command

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