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YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ February 4, 2015/ Truth/

The  extraordinary thing about Sanskrit is that it offers direct  accessibility to anyone to that elevated plane where the two — mathematics and music, brain and heart, analytical and intuitive,  scientific and spiritual— become one. In the past twenty years, much time,  effort, and money has been spent on designing an unambiguous  representation of natural languages to make them accessible

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Science of Pyramids – ” The Power of Pyramids “

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ January 29, 2015/ Science & Spirituality, Truth/

Pyramids focus Cosmic Energy: It is true, that meditation can be done at all places and at all times. However, if we do meditation while sitting in a Pyramid, we will receive more universal energy, i.e. cosmic energy. The Pyramid is like a magnifying lens. Sun rays are everywhere, but if these sun-rays are focused at a point by using a magnifying lens, even a

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“ताज महल की सच्चाई”

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ January 26, 2015/ Truth/

श्री पी.एन. ओक अपनी पुस्तक “Tajmahal is a Hindu Temple Palace” में 100 से भी अधिक प्रमाण और तर्को का हवाला देकर दावा करते हैं कि ताजमहल वास्तव में शिव मंदिर है जिसका असली नाम तेजोमहालय है। श्री पी.एन. ओक साहब को उस इतिहास कार के रूप मे जाना जाता है तो भारत के विकृत इतिहास को पुर्नोत्‍थान और सही दिशा में ले जाने का

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20 Amazing Scientific Reasons Behind Hindu Traditions

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ January 19, 2015/ Science & Spirituality, Truth/

1.  Joining Both Palms Together To Greet 2. Why Do Indian Women Wear Toe Ring Wearing toe rings is not just the significance of married women but there is science behind it. Normally toe rings are worn on the second toe. A particular nerve from the second toe connects the uterus and passes to heart. Wearing toe ring on this finger

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8 Wonders of the Jagannath Temple in Puri

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ January 14, 2015/ Truth/

JAI JAGANNATH 1. Flag  always flaps in opposite direction of air. 2. From any place in Puri you, will always find the Sudarshan Charka (Charka at top of Temple)             facing you. 3.Normally during day-time, air comes from sea to land and during  evening, the vice-versa                 occurs.

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सामवेद से हुआ है संगीत का उद्भव

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ January 13, 2015/ Truth/

संगीत का उद्भव सामवेद से हुआ है। अंग्रेजी का सिंग, सिंगर और सांग जैसे शब्द संगीत से ही निकले हैं। वीणा शब्द मूलतः संस्कृत का शब्द है, यही अंग्रेजी में बिआनो और बाद में पियानो के रूप में प्रचलित हुआ। हारमोनियम का हार्मोनी शब्द संस्कृत का सारेमोनी है। इसी प्रकार कुछ और शब्द देखें: Violin जीव-लीन Sitar सप्ततार Guitar गीत-सार

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