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स्वाइन फ्लू

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ March 5, 2015/ Ayurvigyan/

  स्वाइन फ्लूः लक्षण, रोकथाम और बचाव स्वाइन फ्लू दरअसल एक संक्रामक उत्परिवर्ती वायरस है, जिसका संक्रमण मनुष्यों में आरंभ हो गया है और इसने 21 वीं सदी की महामारी का रूप ले लिया है। स्वाइन फ्लू या H1N1 इन्फ्लूएंजा दुनिया भर में तेजी से फैलने के बाद अब भारत के दरवाजे पर अपनी भयावह दस्तक दे रहा है। कहतें

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YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ February 5, 2015/ Ayurvigyan, Science & Spirituality/

Diet and the mind The Vedas are the very roots of Indian culture. According to the Vedas, the aim of any activity is to achieve the Final Liberation (Moksha) whereas materialistic gain is only secondary to it. According to the Chandogya Upanishad, ‘Pure diet leads to a pure mind’. Positive mental health is essential to get rid of ignorance and

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NUTRIENT’S KILLER – Refrigerator, Pressure Cooker, Microwave Oven

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ February 3, 2015/ Ayurvigyan/

  Vagbhat ji sutra: We should not eat that type of food which is not exposed to sunlight and air during cooking. In today’s time following are the utensils where the food don’t get Sunlight and air -: a) Refrigerator b) Pressure Cooker c) Microwave Oven Killer of nutrients the pressure cooker When we cook food inside the pressure cooker,

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YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ January 28, 2015/ Ayurvigyan/

  GREEN TEA Other Names: Camellia sinensis, Camellia thea, Camellia theifera, Constituant Polyphénolique de Thé Vert, CPTV, EGCG, Epigallo Catechin Gallate, Épigallo-Catéchine Gallate, Epigallocatechin Gallate, Extrait de Camellia Sinensis, Extrait de Thé, Extrait de Thé Vert, Extrait de Thea Sinensis, Green Sencha Tea, Green Tea Extract, Green Tea Polyphenolic Fraction, GTP, GTPF, Japanese Tea, Kunecatechins, Poly E, Polyphenon E, PTV,

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Medicinal Benefits of Lemon Tea

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ January 27, 2015/ Ayurvigyan/

Drinking lemon tea can help control your blood sugar levels. Tea is a good calorie-free substitute for sugary beverages, according to the Harvard School of Public Health. If you add a squirt of lemon juice to your tea, it will not only enhance its flavor but will also provide multiple health benefits. For example, if you are experiencing nasal congestion,

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Amazing Benefits of Honey!

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ January 27, 2015/ Ayurvigyan/

  By Dr. Mercola Honey has been valued as a natural sweetener long before sugar became widely available in the 16th century. Honey production flourished in ancient Greece and Sicily, for instance, while animals other than humans – bears, badgers, and more – have long raided honeybee hives, risking stings for the sweet reward.1 Honey is truly a remarkable substance,

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Wonders Of Cow Urine

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ January 23, 2015/ Ayurvigyan/

(source: Cow Urine Benefits gavyam pavitram ca rasayanam ca pathyam ca hrdyam balam buddhi syata aayuh pradam rakt vikar hari tridosh hridrog vishapaham syata Meaning: Cow urine panchgavya is great elixir, proper diet, pleasing to heart, giver of mental and physical strength, enhances longevity. It balances bile, mucous and airs. Remover of heart diseases and effect of poison. Today

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आयुर्वेदिक दृष्टी से गौ माता का महत्व

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ January 22, 2015/ Ayurvigyan/

हम अगर गोरस का बखान करते करते मर जाए तो भी कुछ अंग्रेजी सभ्यता वाले हमारी बात नहीं मानेगे क्योकि वे लोग तो हम लोगो को पिछड़ा, साम्प्रदायिक और गँवार जो समझते है| उनके लिए तो वही सही है जो पश्चिम कहे तो हम उन्ही के वैज्ञानिक शिरोविच की गोरस पर खोज लाये हैं जो रुसी वैज्ञानिक है|   गाय

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Health Benefits Of Warm Water: 6 Ways Drinking Warm Water Can Heal Your Body

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ January 15, 2015/ Ayurvigyan/

Drinking a cup of warm water in the morning can heal your body by aiding digestion and preventing premature aging Most of us start our mornings with a fresh, hot cup of coffee or tea to warm our bodies after getting out of bed. When we drink water, we tend to prefer it cold, but according to Ayurvedic medicine, we

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