NUTRIENT’S KILLER – Refrigerator, Pressure Cooker, Microwave Oven

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ February 3, 2015/ Ayurvigyan/


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Vagbhat ji sutra:

We should not eat that type of food which is not exposed to sunlight and air during cooking.
In today’s time following are the utensils where the food don’t get Sunlight and air -:

a) Refrigerator

b) Pressure Cooker

c) Microwave Oven

Killer of nutrients the pressure cooker

When we cook food inside the pressure cooker, the water is heated and the vapour starts developing. Pressure is developed on the food from the upper side in the form of vapour and from the bottom in the form of heat. Because of this two way pressure the food breaks down and becomes soft, and we think food has been cooked. But it has not been cooked, it has been broken down.

As per Ayurveda:

Food which has taken more time in the farm to grow, it will take more time to cook also. Eg- Dals(Gram) take about 6-8 months to grow in the fields, so it will take more time to cook. Micronutrients came slowly to the fruits, stems and flower. So it will take that much time to dissolve the protein,vitamins, calcium.


Jagganath puri, Khichdi in big mitti ki handi

Jagganath puri, Khichdi in big mitti ki handiIn Jagganath puri khicdi is prepared in big mitti handi (mud) , which is distributed as prasad to the worshipers. Rajiv Dixit ji went to Jagganath puri and asked a mahant, why Khicdi is prepared in mitti ki handi and not in pressure cooker, then the mahant answered that mitti is pavitra (pure). Rajiv Dixit ji took some khicdi and gave it for testing in the CSIR, but CSIR said we don’t have adequate utensils, so you take it to Delhi. Rajiv Dixit ji asked whether it will stink. Then CSIR said it will not stink because it has been prepared in Mitti . Then he took the khicdi to Delhi and gave it to a laboratory, somescientists worked on it and the research report said that one micro nutrient also has not been reduced from the khichdi after cooking it in Mitti .
And he also gave dal prepared in pressure cooker for testing, the report said that the micronutrientsare very less left in the dal. Only 13% of the nutrients are left in the dal and the rest have been lost.

How the micro nutrients are wasted in Refrigerator, Pressure Cooker and Microwave Oven?

The scientist said that the Dal was not allowed to cook, its molecules have broken down, and thus it became soft.
Cooking according to ayurveda, cooking is the way by which the micro nutrients which are not useful before cooking are cooked to make it useful.
He said, when he used to move from one village to another he came to know that just 30-40 years ago, all the utensils of mitti was only used everywhere. One day when Rajiv Dixit ji asked the same question to his grandmother then she said that they used to eat dal of mitti ki handi only all through her life and also prepared milk, ghee, curd in mitti ki handi only. So she got all the nutrients all her life through. Then he understood why diabetes, arthritis did not attack her. And she had 32 teeth till her death. Because when he and others went to collect the ash the next day they found all 32 teeth. She wore no spectacles, washed her own clothes till her death.
This is the reason why utensils of mitti were manufactured and not aluminium. We could have manufactured aluminium because there are large reserves of Bauxite in our country. But it was not prepared because it was not required. We required MITTI KI HANDI and so we used and made all research on it.

Potter the greatest scientist



Rajiv Dixit ji said, I think there is no greater scientist thenpotters because they prepare things which taking care of our health and prevent us from falling ill.
If the people making pressure cooker is bigger than how the people making handi is small. The bigger and smaller has ruined our country. This black and white was introduced by Britishers and the black britishers are taking it further nowadays. Does anyone know that different types of Mitti are used to preparing different types ofutensils? A mitti rich in calcium and magnesium are used to prepare handi and mitti which is not rich in calcium and magnesium is used to prepare ||_|| tea cups. This selection of MITTI is a very minute work, all this work is done by them from 1000s of years without reading anywhere and without studying in any university. We must salute them, so big scientist are they .But sadly in the eyes of the government they are backward people, in almost all the temples prasad is prepared in mitti’s utensils. So we all should bring mitti ki handi and through out pressure cooker.


Wastages and Usefulness of the nutrients in different substances:

Wastage’s and Usefulness of the nutrients in different substances-:

7pc set-2544-ALUMINIUM-COOKWARE-SET               chai_cups


Utensils Wastage (%) Useful (%)
Mitti 3 97
Bronze (kassa) 7 93
Aluminium 87 13


Rajiv Dixit ji also gave medicines of homeopathy, So many chronic patients used to call him. He had about 100 patients of Rajasthan, Mumbai and Gujarat whose sugar units were around 480 units. He asked them to eat dal, rice in mitti ki handi. After 8-9 months their sugar units have come down to 180 units without any injection, medicines or tonic. Thus Rajiv Dixit ji said Vagbhat was really great.


We have to come from India to Bharat, take pottery to great heights, pressure cooker costs Rs 500-700 and the utensils of mitti comes in Rs 25-50.