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Samadhi – A Scientific Phenomenon?

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ February 23, 2015/ Science & Spirituality/

  Since ages human creed has always tried to explore the cause of the life and how to make it happy. The ancient philosophy of Yoga, developed by various sages and yogis, has successfully established some key aspects related to the whole shebang. Quite a lot theories put forth and experimental results obtained by the modern scientific community are in

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Shocking Secrets Of The Vedic Science Revealed!

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ February 21, 2015/ Science & Spirituality/

The Vedic civilization, according to the ancient scriptures, was at a much higher level of development than our modern society. In Sanskrit “veda” means knowledge. So what kind of knowledge are we talking about? From the standpoint of current evolutionary theory, the human race is supposed to be at the top of the society development. However, according to the Vedic

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Ancient Indian Scientists – Our Glorious Scientists

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ February 19, 2015/ Science & Spirituality/

  Ancient Indian Scientists In our Endeavour to unleash the science in Hinduism, Now we are going to introduce our own ancestors and their great and rich contribution towards scientific development in India to enable India to reach its Pinnacle…. “The Golden Bird” or “Sone Ki Chidiya”- Dont Miss this Incredible and most rare Compilation of Facts about these great

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YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ February 16, 2015/ Science & Spirituality/

It was known that Velocity of Light was calculated by Maxwell only in 19th century but the TRUTH is its was actually determined accurately in Rig Veda many many centuries earlier. It was further elaborated by Sayana (Minister from Vijaya Nagara Dynasty) in 14th century AD .  Also Sun was described as a god riding on a chariot with seven

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Shivaratri Scientific Facts

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ February 14, 2015/ Science & Spirituality/

  Science in the idol – in the Human form In the human form, Lord Shiva possesses the following four symbolic instruments in his hands. 1. Damaru This represents the Brahman in the form of the word (shabda Brahman). Alphabets consisting of the sounds of fifty-two basic letters and the forms of fourteen Maheshvar verses (sutras) have generated from it.

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YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ February 12, 2015/ Science & Spirituality/

  Lord Shiva who is considered as the God of Destruction and as well as Creation is a classic example of symbolizing the study of nuclear physics and nuclear energy in a form that could be understood by common man. To understand this, let us review some of the characteristics of Shiva Shiva is called Bholenaath (the naïve one) who

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Rudraksha Mala – SCIENCE BEHIND IT

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ February 12, 2015/ Science & Spirituality/

SCIENCE BEHIND IT – Aapko pata he Rudraksha ki Mala me 108 rudraksha  hi manke kyu hote he… Kyuki Hamare Rishi gan hazaro saal phle ye jaante the ki suraj or dharti ki bich kitne duri he. Diametre of sun = 1 391 000 kilometers Distance between sun and earth = 149,597,870.7 kilometers The distance is exactly equal to that figure which will come if you multiply sun’s diameter

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Panchang Vs Gregorian Calendar

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ February 11, 2015/ Science & Spirituality/

Shuprabhat Friends!!! Being a part of such a great, jest full, celebrative culture, we are fortunate enough that we don’t run out of chances to merry. Every now and then we glance to see what festival is arriving next as per our Hindu calendar. This is when I just got a question in my mind that why sometimes one tithi

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Yagya – Science Behind It

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ February 10, 2015/ Science & Spirituality/

  Some Scientific Aspects of Yagna – Environmental Effects There are two basic energy systems in the physical world: heat and sound. In performing yagna, these two energies, namely, the heat from yagna’s fire and the sound of the chanting of the Gayatri and other Vedic Mantras, are blended together to achieve the desired physical, psychological and spiritual benefits. The

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Why Indians chant OM mantra? – Scientific Reason

YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ February 9, 2015/ Science & Spirituality/

  One of the most popular misconception about “OM” is that it is religious. On the contrary, it is the most universal syllable because it neither refers to any particular religion nor God. There have been several theories behind the OM mantra with the most popular explanation being that it was the cosmic sound which initiated the creation of universe (big

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