YUVA SHAKTI BANARAS/ January 18, 2015/ Science & Spirituality/


Basically Divine Knowledge (Brahm Gyan) can be defined as the practical aspect of Spirituality that has its roots in man’s inner world, and with its growth, it has potential of spreading its branches not only throughout an individual but also throughout the whole cosmos. It is the practical approach of spiritual experimentation involving Direct Perception of One’s True self or True being (Soul). It is the gateway towards the study and experience of Pure Consciousness. This Divine knowledge is the perfect science embracing all the sciences. Mastering it can enable us to master the defining skills in all worldly sciences. Moreover, one reaches such a transcendental state that he gets the support of all administering natural forces in the cosmos. The Vedic Science that administers the whole universe is already available in our consciousness and just need to be activated. It can be set in motion with the help of Divine knowledge (Brahm Gyan) achieved by the benedictory grace of a Perfect Mater. Mobilising the treasure of knowledge stored in our Consciousness leads to success, fulfilment, creativity, intelligence, serenity, and bliss, as it leads to increase in brain functioning as well as in Consciousness Awakening.